Frozen Products

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Nonpareil has developed an exciting new line of all natural frozen potato products that can make a great ingredient or stand on its own.

Our unique and patented process brings you a family favorite - baked potatoes - in a fast, easily prepared, and delicious form. We start with only the finest potatoes, bake them, chop them into chunks, and finally quick-freeze them. Our "Baked Potato Chunks" are fully cooked, ready to 'heat & eat'. Our “Baked Potato Chunks” come in both Red and Russet potato varieties

Preparation is simple and fast. Create a signature side dish by adding your choice of toppings and seasonings for something new and original. Or, use as an ingredient in "bowls," burritos, soups, or anywhere else potatoes can go.

With more potato flavor, our ultra-convenient frozen products provide a delicious and healthy alternative. Our "Baked Potato Chunks" are Fat Free, G.M.O. Free, and Gluten Free; with no additives or allergens, and only 100 calories per serving. Let us show you how fast, simple, and great tasting our new baked potato products really are.